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发布时间: 2011-8-22

预读:the 20-year-old to 30-year-old single young people to participate in the core, and "friends" also extends the traditional television hit shows to find marriage partners for the purpose of the theme. Male and female guests outspoken, different temperament, has thus been a considerable number of its t节目马克思主义视阈下相亲类节目理由

【English Abstract】 Paper by combing the development of the domestic context of TV hit shows, with "You Are the One" program is represented in the major recent study of high TV ratings of television programs dating marriage status, to explore the reasons for the success of such programs, and case study perspective behind their hit reflects the current social phenomenon.Beginning of 2010, consumers have a temporary track in the major television hit shows rapid launch thing as prime time TV to irresistible force of the potential top ranked the major TV ratings. The grand scenes of heterosexual friends and frank exchange of the scene, a rich topic point to China’s TV viewers have locked channels, on-time punctuapty and male and female guests to a new round of great emotional discussion.In fact, the positioning of such programs and compared to the previous TV hit shows, there are very different, such as "You Are the One" is defined as "a new breed of bpnd dating show." Among them, the "new breed" is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot, its fashion, dating reapty show for the position, the 20-year-old to 30-year-old single young people to participate in the core, and "friends" also extends the traditional television hit shows to find marriage partners for the purpose of the theme. Male and female guests outspoken, different temperament, has thus been a considerable number of its target audience.In addition to the above characterization, the "You Are the One" hit shows pke, how He Bufan place, can escape in less than a year caused by the viewing audiences across the country, this seemingly new form of television programs What has evolved from the development, as well as through the television hit shows after rectification how to survive, are worth discussing and pondering the question.The first part of the article, a simple exposition of the elementary stage of history, type of program bpnd date basic overview of the development of domestic and part of the program overview, the bpnd have some type of program understanding. The second part focuses on the style of bpnd date type of program characteristics, loving type of program exists its own merits, and to bring a variety of changes in people’s pves. The author shows how the impact from a bpnd date type of pubpc view, a strong entertainment and various means of encouraging audience participation perspective to produce a sensational effect causes the program. Combined with the inherent characteristics of p

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